About Me

Hi! My name is Marissa. I grew up in Southwest Colorado in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and I'm a proud member of the Navajo Nation. I love puzzles and, to me, every new programming project is another enticing puzzle. I discovered my passion for Computer Science during my sophomore year in college. I took one course and I was completely hooked! Four years later, I completed my MS in Computer Science at Dartmouth College in 2015, to match the BA in Computer Science I received from Dartmouth a year earlier in 2014. During my graduate program, I worked as a senior designer and developer at Dartmouth’s Digital Arts and Innovation Lab (DALI).

In the DALI lab, I managed and led web, iOS and product development projects, handling both the design and development aspects from beginning to end. My team and I designed and 3D-printed a health-monitoring bracelet for computational jewelry, created a kindle holder that attaches to musical instruments, and animated infographics for Dartmouth's Center for Professional Developement. For my Master's thesis I created an iPad app that converts a 2D sketch into a 3D pop-up card. Recently, I've been invited to present my work at 1st Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication 2016 (gradifab.org). Since graduating, I’ve indulged my passion for traveling by visiting Japan, Vietnam, and Cambodia. In my free time, I like to read, cook delicious food, go hiking in the mountains, and chill with my cat, Dusty.













Applications and Frameworks

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe AfterEffects



Experience and Education

Senior Designer and Developer for DALI Lab

MS in Computer Science with a Concentration in Digital Arts -Dartmouth College

BA in Computer Science modified with Digital Arts -Dartmouth College


COSC 1: Introduction to Programming and Computation

COSC 10: Problem Solving via Object-Oriented Programming/h4>

COSC 22: 3D Digital Modeling

COSC 24: Computer Animation: The State of the Art

COSC 27: Projects in Digital Arts

COSC 50: Software Design and Implementation

COSC 56: Digital Electronics

COSC 65: Smartphone Programming

COSC 73: Computational Linguistics

COSC 77: Computer Graphics

COSC 98: Senior Design and Implementation Project

COSC 129: Advanced Digital Design

COSC 189: Computational Fabrication

COSC 294: Independent Study/Fabrication Reading Course

ENGS 75: Advanced Product Design

SART 15: Drawing I

SART 16: Sculpture I

SART 17: Special Topics: Collage

SART 22: Figure Drawing

SART 29: Photography I