Amulet Project

Product Design: Vectorworks, Solidworks

The Amulet project was in partnership with a team at Dartmouth who are designing and developing ‘Amulet’, computational jewelry to monitor a person's health. So far the prototype consists of an electronic bracelet and a software framework that enables developers to create (and users to easily use) safe, secure, and efficient mHealth applications. More info here.

I was a member of the team that designed the case for the Amulet prototype. We went through several iterations, initially using Vectorworks and transitioning to Solidworks. One of the biggest challenges in designing the case was that we had to design around pre-fabricated boards while also trying to reduce the size of the previous design.

Early Models

These are the early models that we developed and soon realized that boards presented a design problem that led to these bulky iterations. The inside of the watch had to be accessible to allow for easy modifications to the inside electronics, so we explored hinges, lids, and then settled for two separate pieces secured with a screw.

Final Models

On the left, is a model of all of the inner electronics that we used to determine the dimensions of the bracelet. This final model conforms to the wrist, reducing its bulky height and shows how the components fit inside the design.

Inside Amulet

Inside this 3D printed bracelet is the blue screen-board, a microprocessing board, radio board, three buttons, two LEDS, and scroll wheel. We were able to to reduce the height further by inserting the lithium battery that powers the bracelet inside the watchband.

Working Model

Here is a the completed working prototype with everything setup and in action!