Design: Maya, Adobe AfterEffects, iMovie

Below is a collection of some of my animation projects.

Sotheby's Animated Logo

This is an animated logo for the Hanover, NH Sotheby's Real Estate branch for their own website and presentations.

Center for Professional Development's Annual Report

This is an animated status report for Dartmouth's Center for Professional Development. Instead of showing the Trustees of Dartmouth their usual many-paged, dry report, the CPD (Center for Professional Development) wanted a different way to display their statistics and show their impact on campus.

24-Hour Make-A-Thon Animation

This is a short stop-motion animation for a 24-hour Make-A-Thon contest. My partner and I wrote, designed, constructed, 3D-printed, animated, and edited this award-winning film in a brief 24-hour period. We won 2nd place.

Advanced Animation Project

This is an animation was the final animation for CS 27 (Advanced Animation Projects). Our three-person team wrote, modelled, designed, and animated this film in Maya, over the course of 7 weeks.