Design Gallery

Design: Adobe Photoshop

A collection of different designs ranging from print to web-design mockups

Logo Project

For this project, the assignment was to partner up with someone and create a personal logo for them. I was partnered with the a very happy, bubbly girl named Kiko and this her logo.

Expressive Shapes

For this project, we were given words and a toolkit to create designs to embody these expressions.

Poster Design

For this project, we designed these posters given only the words and content.

Web Design

The first three web designs were an exploration of how color can influence the feel of a webpage. The last, is a mock-up of a web-page based on the given title and content.

UI Design

The goal of this project was to create an touchscreen interface for a guest at Sandals Resort. This design had to allow the guest to see all of Sandals events, plan itineraries, and view their schedule.

Video Project

This project was to create a video montage using AfterEffects. I found some great (free) videos on the NASA website, so I decided to go with a space theme.