Kindle Music Holder

Product Design: Solidworks, 3D Printing

The Dartmouth College Marching Band wanted to use Amazon Kindle Fire tablets as music readers instead of paper sheet music. Their original solution to attaching these tablets to their instruments was to use velcro to hold the tablets to a thin piece of plastic which then clipped into an instrument lyre. However, the tablets constantly fell off the instrument during marching band performances.

That’s where the DALI lab and I came in. The goal of my project was to design a tablet mount that utilized the pre-existing instrument lyres and securely held a tablet during marching band performances. The design had to be capable of expanding to large-scale manufacturing by injection molding.

Initial Mockups

Some Prototypes

The biggest challenges for the project were ensuring stability while simultaneously reducing weight of the tablet holders, warping from the lyres, and meeting the injection molding requirements. Eventually, this became the base design.

Basic Model

The tablet rests on two legs and is secured at the top with inexpensive, easily-replaceable rubber bands. However, as you can see in the photo below, the mount still required many iterations. In this design, the lyre attachment does not conform fully to the lyre, leaving a space that allows it to wobble back and forth. To remedy this and to reduce weight, I created an incline of the lyre profile and adjusted the design to allow the player to attach the lyre to either the front or the back without losing stability

Final Model

After multiple 3D prototypes and iterations, here is the final model. Its features include multiple holes to adjust for tablet size, an inclined lyre profile for better stability, a raised lyre profile on both the front and the back of the mount for versatile lyre placement, an optional thumbscrew to provide tablet angle adjustment, and uniform thickness of the model so that it is completely injection-model ready